Sarah tells us how we can all Engage in Gloucester

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Hi, I’m Sarah!  I’ve recently joined the Great Place team as Community Engagement & Volunteer Officer. I have a background in lifelong learning and community engagement in Museums. My role covers a wide range of things designed to increase active participation in Culture, Heritage and the Arts in Gloucester. I am especially keen to encourage and support people that have previously found Gloucester’s cultural scene inaccessible to them, to have chance to become involved and enjoy all the opportunities that Gloucester has to offer.

One of the key things I’ve been working on is the Engage in Gloucester – Volunteer Makers initiative. With a bright, clear and well laid out website this is new and accessible way of looking at volunteering, making sure that the maximum number of opportunities are open to everyone.

Why sign up to Engage in Gloucester?

  • Opportunities are not listed by venue, but by the amount of time that they take.  They include things that may not have previously been thought of as volunteering such as posting on social media!
  • You can pick volunteer challenges that only take a few minutes, a few hours or a day and are single one-off commitments like helping with gardening and at local events such as Strike A Light and GL4 Festival
  • There are family-friendly challenges such as trialing children’s trails or reviewing facilities and activities
  • University and college students can find work experience placements in the arts, culture and heritage sector
  • Each challenge clearly states what activities are involved and what skills you might develop in doing them

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There are still the regular volunteer opportunities on the site too, including regular welcomers and behind the scenes roles in Gloucester’s venues. The mix of challenges on the site allows you to dip in and out of opportunities and sample different roles without committing to one thing, giving you the control to build your skills, confidence and experience in a way that suits you.

Engage in Gloucester currently has around 70 challenges on it with more being added every few days. It really takes volunteering into the 21st century.  Sign up here and see what challenges you might like to take on next!

Thanks for reading – more updates to follow!


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